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Biesse Racing Bergamo - Elaborazione e Rimappatura di Centraline Elettroniche per Auto

Via I° Maggio n.18/20 - 24060 Brusaporto (BG) - Lombardia


Telephone +39.035.0267556
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Biesse Racing Bergamo is a company specialized in the development of electronic control units in the automotive sector. The quality of the workmanship has always been the distinguishing feature of the brand, which is why, during the more than twenty years of activity, there have been frequent investments to keep the company up to date with the most advanced technologies. The quality level is maintained at the highest levels thanks to a completely internal and independent research and development department. Since 2010, thanks also to a major structural modification of the headquarters, Biesse has acquired an increasingly prestigious position in the software processing sector on the Italian and international scene. A success related to an effective communication with the public, which through the web and social networks has seen a constantly growing interest. The Bergamo office, established by Alessandro, was founded in 2019 on the basis of a strong passion for the world of engines and electronic management systems. All calibrations are entirely developed by our team; The applications cover most vehicles on the market; We work on vehicles with any fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG). We have a test room, equipped with a Rotronics bench of the latest generation 2019 model, new version first installed in the world. The Rotronics Dyno Room is equipped with a 4WD single-roller power test bench, with road simulation and real-time data acquisition. By modifying the engine control unit software, it is possible to solve some problems related to mechanical problems in the car. An example is the malfunction of the EGR exhaust gas recirculation system (from the term Exhaust Gas Recycling) which causes a sharp increase in consumption and polluting emissions. We can solve the problem with an updated file to eliminate the defect, bringing consumption and emissions back to values that are often better than the starting ones. 'Biesse Flasher' is a device thanks to which all customers will have the opportunity to use our calibrations on their car autonomously and without having to go to our headquarters; Representing an excellent solution for those who, for reasons of distance, cannot reach us but want to experiment with our mappings.



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